Fan art by The Beholder! Again!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Abúi as drawn by The Beholder

I'll be traveling this week, so I won't be able to work on Abúi's Travels. To tide you over, here's a fan art by The Beholder of the webcomic The Beholder. Our all-seeing one has been a supporter of Abúi's Travels and Spun Off for a few years now, and there's more fan art by him in the pipeline.

Art as posted on DeviantArt.
Fan art by Donna Barr!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Abúi by Donna Barr

Donna Barr made me this iPad drawing of Abúi as a thank-you for a small favour I did her. I love the mischief in her eyes and her general take on the character. Both through the image and her discussion of the comic, she's given me some new ideas on where the comic and its lead could go.

Donna is a veteran comic artist and the creative genius behind The Desert Peach. Stinz, Afterdead, as well as her new comic on Comicfury, Rental Goddess.
Fan art...
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Because my available time is so limited, and so very unpredictable, I don't usually post fan art to the blog when it appears, promising myself instead to do it later when I do have some time. Then I forget about it. I will try to fix that, when I have some time.
Taking a little longer to come back, plus NaNoWriMo
by Reinder Dijkhuis
It's November 4 and the Halloween Cameo Caper 2012, which the current Abúi's Travels storyline was supposed to be a part of, has come and gone. I'm not happy about dropping out of the event, but I will get back to it in a few weeks to fill some gaps; the results can then be retroactively added to the event. Of the other participants, I particularly enjoyed what Hey Fox did with the character.

After taking part in 24-hour comics day in October, and failing badly but with interesting results, I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month. The story I've chosen to work on is another Abúi story, because I had some ideas for it, and these challenges are the best way for me to get those ideas hashed out, albeit in a crude form. I'm posting the daily entries for this project on my DeviantArt pages. They are marked as NSFW, so you have to be a member to read them, but actually, that suits me just fine as I don't want these crude first drafts to get massive online distribution.

Fan art by The Beholder!
by Reinder Dijkhuis
Cast of The Bare-Pit with Abúi and her penguin companion

First fan art for Abúi's Travels by The Beholder of Cosmic Beholder. Actually, it's fan art for The Bare-Pit but The Beholder also included Abúi and her penguin companion, and referred to Abúi's Travels in the forum thread where it was posted. So it counts!