17th Sep 2012, 4:40 AM in Incognito

Beer and gossip

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Beer and gossip
Er... to what, exactly?
Oh, you know, bein' nude?
Oh, yeah. Of course. What did you say this beer was called? I like it!
We can tell!
But now I need to use the privy.
Bathroom's over there!
Hee hee! "The privy"?
Aw, that's just her English. I've never heard an accent like that before.
I'd kill to have hair like that... even if I got those teeth into the bargain!
My daughter was convinced she was a fairy. I'd almost believe it myself, to be honest!
Don't you think it's strange though that someone with tattoos all over her body should be shy at all?
Those are some rad tats!
She'd have to get nude to get them made, right?
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